Pallet Wrap Extended Core Clear & Colour

Pallet wrap (also known as stretch wrap and stretch film) with an extended core, making it easier and quicker to wrap around goods by hand. The core extends by 65mm each end of the roll.

Great for keeping goods tightly bound and palletized items stable, the film will retain its tension whilst in transit.

Extended core stretch film is easily applied by hand thanks to the extended cardboard core which effectively acts as a handle and can be held whilst wrapping the film around your products. The wrap adheres to itself once it is wrapped around your goods and protects them against dust and weather.

Pallet wrap stocked in the following sizes with standard and extra length core available:

100 x 150 15 Micron

100 x 200 x15 Micron

400 x 400 15 Micron

450 x 400 15 Micron

400 x 400 17 Micron

450 x 400 17 Micron

400 x 400 20 Micron

450 x 400 20 Micron (Heavy Duty)

400 x 400 25 Micron (Extra Heavy Duty)

450 x 400 25 Micron (Extra Heavy Duty)

400 x 400 30 Micron (Extra Heavy Duty)

450 x 400 30 Micron (Extra Heavy Duty)